Help welcome Syrian refugees to Edmonton, Alberta



Our family is getting settled in Edmonton.


After working with them to find a long term residence and deal with pressing issues such as healthcare, we're now providing support for settling in, improving English skills, job hunting, etc.


Our earlier arrivals are pursuing studies at the U of A and working on bringing their families to Canada.


Sign a petition to bring sponsored families to Canada now.


We are teachers and students, writers and artists, lawyers and tradespeople, retirees and teenagers. Some of us have helped refugees in the past. All of us feel compelled to reach out to one family and two individuals among the 19 million refugees in desperate need.  We are a group from the Edmonton area who are working together to privately sponsor and support a Syrian family of 3 and two Syrian individuals for one year with such practical needs as finding accommodations, schooling, healthcare, language training, employment, and integrating into our community. In short, making them feel welcome!

The two individuals arrived in December. We have already learned so much from the experience of meeting them. They are making their home in Edmonton and will be attending the U of A in the Fall!


Email Us if you would like to join our group. 


We are fortunate to have several levels of support:

  • St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta, via the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, has the necessary government sponsorship agreement already in place, allowing us to act immediately.
  • We are being mentored by the Coordinator of Edmonton Refugee Sponsorship from Catholic Social Services
  • We are learning about the network of supports for refugees in Edmonton. The two young men who arrived in Edmonton in December have already received help from agencies such as Catholic Social Services and the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.