We have reached our fundraising goal of $50,000!!!

Thank you to every individual and company who has donated to help us welcome a Syrian refugee family to Edmonton, Alberta!!


Your donations hard at work: The family of three has arrived in Edmonton!! Endless thanks to St. Joe's for providing their temporary home. Our housing committee is working to find a more permanent location.



As thousands of Syrian refugees settle in Canada, House of Welcome, is doing its small part. The family of three includes a husband, a wife, and their toddler. We had planned for a larger family (of six), which is what we communicated to you when asking for your donation. However, this smaller family does not qualify for blended private-government sponsorship, so our fully private sponsorship was their only hope of leaving a deteriorating refugee situation in Lebanon and starting a new life here in Canada. We are so very excited to meet the three of them and cannot thank you enough for the donations you've made to bring them here. 


As we let you know at the time of your donation, any funds that are not spent on our family will be used to sponsor or assist other Syrian families or individuals in need. All of your donations will be used to help a few of the 19 million Syrian refugees who are seeking a better life.


House of Welcome has already been helping to settle two young Syrian men who arrived in Edmonton in December. Financial support for them came from funds raised by St. Thomas More Parish in Edmonton. 


Total monetary donations to date:  $50,268 through St. Joseph's College and Canadahelps.org.