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As we celebrate a year with Majed, we need to ask the Government to focus on finally bringing his family to Canada. Please copy this letter and email it to Edmonton MP, Randy Boissonnault.

Please cc the Minister of Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship and your own MP


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December, 2016
Re: UNHCR files Hana Mardini (G000097223) and Joseph Mardini (G000089818)


To: The Honourable Randy Boissonnault


Cc: The Honourable John McCallum

Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship


Dear Mr. Boissonnault:


I am writing to ask for your help with uniting a Syrian refugee family. I have learned about them from House of Welcome, an Edmonton Community group that has been working with the Worshipping Community at St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta. This group has been sponsoring a Syrian refugee, Majed Mardini, since December 16th, 2015. Majed is one of the 25,000 Syrian refugees that the Government of Canada sped to safety in Canada last year. He and his family are from Aleppo. I would like to ask for your assistance with two related refugee files: Hana Mardini (G000097223) and Joseph Mardini (G000089818).


Majed has spent the past year in Edmonton studying English and establishing his new life, all the while looking forward to the safe arrival of his family. Unfortunately, there have been delays and Majed’s anxiety is acute. I greatly respect the Government of Canada’s commitment to refugees. I want to bring this case to your attention, because I understand that with all of the people who need help, it is possible for unintentional delays to occur. I believe that as a society, one of our most fundamental commitments to helping refugees, and expecting them to become contributing members of our society, lies in uniting families.


Hana and his wife, Hilda Merjaneh, are Majed’s parents. Joseph is Majed’s brother and is being accompanied by his wife, Julie Yacoub, and their two young children, Hanna and Lourdes. Both families are being sponsored by St-Jacques Syriac Orthodox Church in Saint-Laurent, QC. They completed their medical tests and interviews on Nov. 25, 2015.


House of Welcome and St. Joseph’s College members have been monitoring Majed’s family since he first mentioned them a year ago. They assured him that his family would arrive in a few months’ time. St. Joseph’s College has sponsored eighteen Syrian refugees, so they are familiar with the complexity of refugee sponsorship and its timeline.


However, after waiting almost a year, everyone’s confidence has shifted to concern. St. Joseph’s one-year sponsorship of Majed concludes this month, and I share their concern that his family will be forgotten by the UNHRC without someone to advocate for their case. I would like to ask you to focus on the Mardinis’ situation. Would it be possible for your office to contact the UNHCR and flag the applications of Majed’s family members? Would it be possible to unite this family? Thank you so much for your attention, and for any help you can provide. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




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Welcoming a Syrian family to Edmonton


We have all been touched by the situation of millions of refugees looking for a safe place to call home.  We have asked ourselves, what can I do to help? What will really make a difference?  If this is you, we would like you to join us in the effort of sponsoring a Syrian refugee family to come to Edmonton. 


Please visit the information section for more details.

After 10 months of waiting, our family arrived in Edmonton in August, and they are settling in to life in their new city.

Thank you so much to everyone who has worked and donated to make our welcome possible!!


Now we are working with them on first steps - English classes, job hunting, etc.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi